16 July 1915, Dale Castle, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Stella Mary Bellairs Lloyd-Philipps is born to Rhodri Vaughan Lloyd-Philipps (1874-1950) and his second wife, Margery Colvile

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23 June 1946, Mariazell, Styria, Austria
Stella Lloyd-Philipps marries Janko Musulin von Gomirje (1916-1978)

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11 January 1948, Dale Castle, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Birth of son Marko Musulin

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Summer 1959, Kirchstetten, Lower Austria
Stella Musulin meets W. H. Auden and Chester Kallman for the first time at their Kirchstetten home. The meeting is initiated by Musulin's and Auden's mutual friend, Christiane Zimmer (1902-1987), Hugo von Hofmannsthal's daughter, who had emigrated to the United States.

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28 May 1969, Kirchstetten, Lower Austria
Musulin introduces Auden and Kallman to the Austrian historian, journalist, and intellectual Friedrich Heer (1916-1983); in Auden and Kallman's guest book, she notes : "Tag einer historischen Begegnung! [Day of a historical encounter!]"

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1971, London
Publication of Musulin's monograph , including a foreword by Auden, with Faber and Faber; the book's American edition - once more including Auden's foreword - came out in 1972 with Praeger Publishers, entitled


1975, London
Publication of Musulin's monograph with Faber and Faber


28 June 1976, Austrian Institute, London
Musulin delivers a lecture on "Auden in Kirchstetten" at the Austrian Institute (now the Austrian Cultural Forum) in London Kensington

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1977, Vienna and Kirchstetten, Austria
The Internationale W. H. Auden-Gesellschaft [International W. H. Auden Society], based in Vienna and Kirchstetten, is founded by writer and journalist Karlheinz Roschitz and Peter Müller, press officer of the Federal Monuments Authority Austria. Among the committee members are Stella Musulin and Herta Staub, his translator. The honorary chairman is then Federal Chancellor Bruno Kreisky.
5 May 1977, Palais Pálffy, Vienna
Musulin delivers a lecture on "W. H. Auden und die Österreicher" [W. H. Auden and the Austrians] at the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Literatur [Austrian Society for Literature]

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6 March 1978, Fridau, Ober-Grafendorf, Lower Austria, Austria
Janko Musulin dies, aged 61, after being diagnosed with a brain tumour the previous year

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11-13 October 1984, NÖART Galerie, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna
International symposium "W. H. Auden 1907-1973", hosted by the Niederösterreich-Gesellschaft für Kunst und Kultur [Lower Austrian Society for Art and Letters] in association with the International Auden Society and the British Council

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1995, Oxford
Stella Musulin's Auden memoir "Auden in Kirchstetten" appears in Katherine Bucknell and Nicholas Jenkins' edited volume , published by Clarendon Press


21 January 1996, Fridau, Ober-Grafendorf, Lower Austria, Austria
Stella Musulin dies, aged 80

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