Autograph Note Signed Michael O'Sullivan to Stella Musulin 1984-08-15--1996-01-21
AuthorO'Sullivan, Michael
  • Mayer, Sandra
  • Frühwirth, Timo
PublisherAustrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Vienna 2021
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Cite this Source (MLA 9th Edition)Andorfer Peter, Mayer Sandra, Frühwirth Timo, Mendelson Edward, Neundlinger Helmut and Stoxreiter Daniel. Auden Musulin Papers: A Digital Edition of W. H. Auden's Letters to Stella Musulin. Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2022, .

0001 W.H. AUDEN (1907-1973)
0002 English poet, as a young man

0003 22 Kildare St.
0004 Dublin 2 .

0005 For Stella
0006 With every good
0007 wish

0009 Photograph by Carl Van Vechten/Beinecke Library, Yale U.
0010 © Crossing Cards
0011 Trumansburg, N.Y. 14886
0012 No. 19