4 October 1957, Vienna
W. H. Auden and Chester Kallman purchase the house Hinterholz 6, 3062 Kirchstetten, in Lower Austria.

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Summer 1959, Kirchstetten, Lower Austria
Auden meets Stella Musulin for the first time. The meeting is initiated by Auden's and Musulin's mutual friend, Christiane Zimmer (1902-1987), Hugo von Hofmannsthal's daughter, who had emigrated to the United States.

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4-6 August 1960, Kirchstetten, Lower Austria
German composer Hans Werner Henze (1926-2012) visits Auden and Kallmann, the authors of the English libretto for his three-act opera (1961). In Auden and Kallman's guest book, Henze writes: "with love and gratitude and pride to have such a beautiful libretto!"

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4 October 1962, Vienna
Auden reads from his poems at the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Literatur [Austrian Society for Literature]. The Austrian actor Wolfgang Gasser reads German-language translations of Auden's poems.

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17 May 1963, Vienna
Auden participates in an international Rudolf Kassner symposium at the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Literatur [Austrian Society for Literature]: on the last day of the six-day congress, he speaks about the "Begegnung mit dem Werk Rudolf Kassners" ["Encounter with the Work of Rudolf Kassner"].

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Winter 1964/65, Berlin
Auden spends six months in Berlin as guest of the Ford Foundation and their artists-in-residence programme, taking up residence at Hubertusbader Straße 43 in Dahlem

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1965, Frankfurt am Main
Herbert Heckmann's German translation of Auden's poem "Josef Weinheber" appears in the (volume 76, issue 3)
24 May 1965, Natural History Museum, Vienna
Auden gives a lecture on T. S. Eliot at the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien [Natural History Museum Vienna]. The event has been co-organized by the Austro-British Society, the British Council in Austria, and the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Literatur [Austrian Society for Literature].

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6 August 1966, Large Festival Hall, Salzburg
Hans Werner Henze's opera , with a libretto by Auden and Kallman, premières at the Salzburg Festival; the German translation of the libretto is produced by Maria Bosse-Sporleder

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25 October 1966, Vienna
Auden is awarded the Austrian State Prize for European Literature by Federal Minister of Education Theodor Piffl-Perčević; the laudatory speech is delivered by Austrian writer and critic Hilde Spiel, one of the prize judges (next to writer Gerhard Fritsch and Wolfgang Kraus of the Austrian Society for Literature)

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5 January 1967
Austrian television broadcasts the TV opera , with a musical setting of a part of Auden’s "For the Time Being" (translated into German by Gerhard Fritsch as "Hier und Jetzt") by composer Paul Kont, featuring Helmut Qualtinger as Herod

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24-26 April 1967, Palais Pálffy and Redoutensaal, Vienna
Auden participates in a round table on "Literatur als Tradition und Revolution" [Literature as Tradition and Revolution] at the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Literatur [Austrian Society for Literature]. Other participants include the American writer Mary McCarthy, the dissident Soviet literary scholar Efim (Grigorievich) Etkind (Russian Ефим Григорьевич Эткинд), the British writer Philip Toynbee, and the German literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki.

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3 September 1967
A 28-minute episode titled "W. H. Auden" of the documentary feature [The Austrian Portrait], portraying Auden's life and work at Kirchstetten, is broadcast on Austrian national TV

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10-13 September 1967, Kirchstetten, Lower Austria
The English poet and critic Stephen Spender (1909-1995), a life-long friend of Auden's, and his wife Natasha visit Auden and Kallman

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28 May 1969, Kirchstetten, Lower Austria
Stella Musulin introduces Auden and Kallman to the Austrian historian, journalist, and intellectual Friedrich Heer (1916-1983); in Auden and Kallman's guest book, she notes : "Tag einer historischen Begegnung! [Day of a historical encounter!]"

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15-16 July 1969, Kirchstetten, Lower Austria
Russian-American composer Nicolas Nabokov (Николай Дмитриевич Набоков, 1903-1978) visits Auden and Kallman, authors of the libretto for his opera (1971)

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6 June 1972, Kirchstetten, Lower Austria
Exiled from the Soviet Union, Joseph Brodsky (Иосиф Александрович Бродский, 1940-1996), later Nobel-Prize-winning Russian-American poet and essayist, arrives at Kirchstetten, where he stays with Auden and Kallman for three weeks. Their Kirchstetten guest book contains the following poem by Brodsky: "Visit Russia / Our Russia's a country of Birches / and axes and ikones and Churches / Without any priest / and crosses. At least / Our Russia's a country of SEARCHES."

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28 September 1973, Palais Pálffy, Vienna
Auden reads from his poems at the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Literatur [Austrian Society for Literature] to mark the publication of , a bilingual edition of Auden's poems. The actor and theatre director Achim Benning reads from the German-language translations of Auden's poems in this volume.

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28-29 September 1973, Hotel Altenburger Hof, Vienna
Auden dies at the Hotel Altenburger Hof after a reading from the new German/English edition of his poems at the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Literatur [Austrian Society for Literature].

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4 October 1973, Kirchstetten, Lower Austria
Auden is buried in the local church graveyard of Kirchstetten. The funeral - attended by, among others, Auden's brother John, Stephen Spender, Sonia Orwell, and Charles Monteith - includes an ecumenical service led by Revd Bruce Duncan, chaplain to the British ambassadors to Austria, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia

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