Autograph Letter Signed W. H. Auden to Stella Musulin 1969-01-04
AuthorAuden, W. H.
  • Mayer, Sandra
  • Frühwirth, Timo
PublisherAustrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Vienna 2021
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Cite this Source (MLA 9th Edition)Andorfer Peter, Mayer Sandra, Frühwirth Timo, Mendelson Edward, Neundlinger Helmut and Stoxreiter Daniel. Auden Musulin Papers: A Digital Edition of W. H. Auden's Letters to Stella Musulin. Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2022, .

0001 AirMail

0002 W.H.Auden
0003 77 St Mark's Place
0004 New York City
0005 New York 10003
0006 U.S,A.

0007 Boras

0008 Die Baronin
0009 Stella Musulin
0010 Wien
0011 Neulinggasse 26/14
0012 Austria,

0013 1030

0014 77 St Mark's Place
0015 New York City
0016 New York 10003
0017 U.S.A.

0018 Jan 4th

0019 Dear Stella:
0020 Many thanks for your letter. I gather
0021 that,in the end, Chester decided not to
0022 go to Vienna.
0023 Meanwhile, I am in despair about the
0024 practical matter of the whereabouts and
0025 condition of the car. No answer from Holfman.
0026 Can he be dead, too? I should be most
0027 grateful if you would call him or on him.
0028 to find out what is the matter. Among other
0029 things he has the cheques for my Hausmeisterin.
0030 Address Otto Hoffmann. Wien VII. Karl Schweighofegasse
0031 4/21. Tel. 93/88/155.
0032 I hear that my old lawyer is supervising
0033 the case but have till now heard nothing from
0034 him. Again could you call him for me.
0035 Dr Walter Redlich. Wien XIX . Paradisgasse 55.
0036 Tel: 36/43/83.
0037 Terribly sorry to be such a nuisance, but
0038 I don't know what to do. I can't get intouch
0039 [] the Insurance till I know more
0040 love Wystan

0041 7