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Death of Emma Eiermann, 19673
Death of Yannis Boras in a car accident, 1968Austria3
W. H. Auden reading "Gedichte/Poems", 1973Palais Pálffy4
Northeast blackout of 1965United States of AmericaQ12516861
New York City transit strike, 1966New York CityQ31183771
W. H. Auden's T. S. Eliot Memorial Lectures, 1967Canterbury2
State visit of Queen Elizabeth II in Austria, 1969AustriaQ727163791
Biedermeier period
    W. H. Auden's lecture "The Martyr as Dramatic Hero", 1967Canterbury1
    Auden's interview of Strobls, 1968Vienna2
    Wedding near Krems, 1970Lower Austria1
    Visit of Christiane Zimmer at Hinterholz 6, 1962Hinterholz 61
    W. H. Auden's dinner with Father Lustkandl, 1962Hinterholz 61
    Death of W. H. Auden, 1973Hotel "Altenburger Hof"3
    Funeral of W. H. Auden, 1973Kirchstetten6
    Symposium "W. H. Auden 1907-1973", 1984Vienna2
    Visit by Stella Musulin and Friedrich Heer at Hinterholz 6, 1969Hinterholz 62
    Stella Musulin's talk "W. H. Auden und die Österreicher", 1977Palais Pálffy2
    Separation of Janko and Stella Musulin, 1957-19581
    W. H. Auden's reading "Hier und Jetzt"Palais Pálffy1
    PEN International Executive Committee and Round Table Discussion "Tradition and Innovation in Contemporary Literature", 1964Budapest1
    W. H. Auden's Ford Foundation Residency at Berlin, 1964-1965Berlin1
    W. H. Auden's talk "T. S. Eliot", 1965Vienna1
    W. H. Auden's sermon at Westminster Abbey, 1966Westminster Abbey1
    Round table "Literatur als Tradition und Revolution", 1967Palais Pálffy1
    W. H. Auden's speech "Worte und Noten: Rede zur Eröffnung der Salzburger Festspiele", 1968Salzburg1
    W. H. Auden's car accident in KirchstettenKirchstetten2
    Arrest and court trial of Hugo K., 1962Austria1
    Lyrik 70 poetry convention, 1970Neulengbach4
    Party at Chester Kallman's apartment in EslarngasseEslarngasse2
    Preparation of W. H. Auden's funeral, 1973Hinterholz 61
    Prague Spring, 1968
      W. H. Auden's relocation from New York City to Christ Church, Oxford, 19721
      W. H. Auden's legal dispute with Austrian tax authorities, 1972Austria1
      Awarding of Austrian State Prize for European Literature to W. H. Auden, 1966Vienna3
      Vietnam war, 1955-1975
        Pueblo incident, 1968
          Commemorative event Josef Weinheber’s death, 1965Kirchstetten2
          Death of Josef Weinheber, 1945Kirchstetten2
          Death of Josef Eiermann1
          Expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia, 1945-1948CzechoslovakiaQ5429451
          First World War, 1914-1918
            Second World War, 1939-1945
              Anschluss (annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany), 1938
                Salzburg Festival
                  Visit of Christiane Zimmer at Hinterholz 6, 1959Hinterholz 61
                  Austrian TV broadcast of "Inzwischen", 1967
                    First Asian Conference on Cultural Freedom, 1951Mumbai1
                    W. H. Auden's position as Associate Professor of English in the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, 1941-1942Ann Arbor1