Autograph Notes [?] on Stella Musulin "Auden in Kirchstetten" and "In Retrospect" 1985-11-29--1990-03-28
  • Mayer, Sandra
  • Frühwirth, Timo
Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Vienna 2021
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Andorfer Peter, Elsner Daniel, Frühwirth Timo, Grigoriou Dimitra, Mayer Sandra, Mendelson Edward and Neundlinger Helmut. Auden Musulin Papers: A Digital Edition of W. H. Auden's Letters to Stella Musulin. Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2022, .
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0002 P. 7 Line 8 "Eliot hardly deserved it`:" Does this mean that you dont
0003 think Eliot was worth translating? Or that Auden didnt? Or what?
0004 (see p. 16-17)

0005 R. 2 Line 7 'Chester'. Would it be helpful at this
0006first mention of him to add the surname , i.e.
0007 'Chester Kallman'. ?


0009 P1. Line 6 from bottom:
0010 "if his life as a". Should this be "if his
0011 life as one" or "if his life as a whole" ?

0012 p·3 Para 2 Money pinched from Chesters jacket at party.
0013 Incident already referred to in bottom para P·13
0014 of " Auden in Kirchstetten ". Since this para is
0015 in brackets perhaps this is an indication that
0016 you intended to omit it?

0017 Check with Müller
0018 what is in his mṣ .

0019 p3 Line 4 from bottom
0020 " at Hinterholz 6" ?? Desirable to add
0021 `Kirchstetten' for sake of clarity ?

0022 P· 16.
0023 Last sentence []
0024 over to top P.17
0025 Incident of "he whose name we never mention' at
0026 funeral. ? Repetition of mention of this on
0027 P·14 , top para, of "Auden in Kirchstetten".