Aerogram Signed Edward Mendelson to Stella Musulin 1981-11-21

AuthorMendelson, Edward Musulin, Stella
  • Mayer, Sandra
  • Frühwirth, Timo
  • Grigoriou, Dimitra
PublisherAustrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Vienna 2021
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  • State Collections of Lower Austria
  • Stella Musulin (Depot)
  • St. Pölten
  • 1981-11-21
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Cite this Source (MLA 9th Edition)Andorfer Peter, Elsner Daniel, Frühwirth Timo, Grigoriou Dimitra, Mayer Sandra, Mendelson Edward and Neundlinger Helmut. Auden Musulin Papers: A Digital Edition of W. H. Auden's Letters to Stella Musulin. Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2022, .

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  • German
Sent at:
  • United States General Post Office
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  • New York City
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  • 1981-11-23
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Received at:
  • Schlösselgasse 8
                                             39 Claremont Ave, apt 31
                                             New York NY 10027
                                             21 November  1981

Dear Stella,

Delighted you got that EARLY AUDEN, and even more delighted you find
it worth looking into.  Is it a universal experience among authors to
be surprised that someone actually reads one's book? I'm so familiar
with the thing by now, and so aware of its deficiencies, that I wish
I could recall the edition and rewrite the whole book from the start.
Luckily, teaching, reviewing and miscellaneous annoyances keep the
mind elsewhere.  One of those miscellaneous annoyances was a move
from my old flat to another one on the same floor in the same building.
The new address is up above, and the only change is in the apartment
number.  Phone number still 212 222-0679.

Yes, I saw the young man who was doing advance work for Robert Robinson,
but haven't heard from him since July.  I gather that work progresses,
though.  There was an hour on Wystan on BBC Radio the other week--a
"dramatization" with an actor reading the poems and lots of ominous
 noises off.  I'm told it was fairly dreadful, but perhaps the TV film
will be better.  I saw quite a good one from the BBC on Benjamin Britten.
Its only fault--and I'm not sure this was a fault, given the usual tone
of TV journalism--was an awed tone of worship.

Easy answers to important questions.  Those two volumes by and about
Auden sound very attractive.  (Which publisher is interested?)  The
place to write for permissions is to the agents, specifically, to
                        Maureen Walters
                        Curtis Brown Ltd
                        575 Madison Avenue
                        New York NY 10022
Mention my name, and things will be easier.  But they should be easy

Now let me beg you for an easy answer.  I've heard from at least two
different people that they had seen (or knew someone else who had seen)
a German text of your Wystan memoir in print.  Are they right, or are
they confusing this with an occasion when you read it aloud (and it was
reported)?  I had an Austrian student here this summer working on Wystan,
and I wanted to tell her about the piece, but didn't know where to find
it.  Please, please tell me if you printed it, and if so, where.  No need
for a long letter: just a "No, calm down, I never printed it" or a "Yes,
it appeared in such-in-such a journal" would be more than enough.  This is
the one minor mystery of writings-about-Wystan I haven't been able to solve,
so please do help.

Have I told you any of my news?  I'm now at Columbia University permanently,
if I want to be.  I have a flat with a small guest room and bath--so please
take note if you're in this country for any reason.  I have a lady friend,
the first whom I expect to be with for a very long time, and we are quite
happy about things in general.  Next June we'll be in Europe, certainly in
Paris, possibly father south, although we may put off the southern trip
for another year or so.  I haven't been across the Atlantic this year; too

39 Claremont Ave, apt 31
New York NY  10027

Redaktion 11-12.
Kronenzeitung.½ 2-5
Morgen 1977. ·
1.Numer. Heft.

                                    Frau Baronin
                                    Stella Musulin
                                    Schlösselgasse 8/17
                                    A-1080 Vienna

two volumes by and about Auden

In Stella Musulin's letter to Edward Mendelson from December 1985, she writes, "Peter Müller has not been sleeping over his plan to edit a book on Auden´s time here . . . Now - you may know this - it is definite and the book is to come out in February 1987 in time for A´s 80th." In a 1990 interview, she states that "[d]uring the eighties, she was commissioned by the Niederösterreichische Verlag (Lower Austrian Provincial Publishers) to write a piece on Auden for some unnamed bilingual publication, which she did. However, due to lack of funds, this never appeared" (Firchow 237).

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